Age In Place Planning

I'm just fine - I am planning for my future!  Right on target!

Time is on our side - no hurry we are just fine! We plan to age in place and enjoy our lifestyle - right here!

  • Well done - you have a plan! How would you like to save money on future aging in place expenses?
  • Have a Certified Aging-In-Place Specialist (CAPS) analyze your evolving safe home needs!  
  • Remodeling projects that fit your needs now and in the future at today's dollar costs.  Ask your CAPS specialist or Senior Home Safety Advisor about Universal Design. Click Here for more information on Universal Design's seamless support of aging in place. 
  • Your CAPS and Senior Home Safety Advisors are trained to match the unique needs of our evolving adult population.  There are many inexpensive upgrades available right now.  For the relatively low price of a 240-point home safety assessment, you can find out how to evolve and maintain your lifestyle as you age in place. 
  • Find out about solutions to common barriers that usually don't impact you now, but will in time i.e., stairs, bath and shower entrances, door knobs, trip hazards, etc.  
  •  Aging-in-place home improvements over time - better or best management of time and expense.    

Aging is a natural process. Use the time to safely prepare your home, in an orderly manner.   
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