Traumatic Injuries

For most of us,  aging challenges are a fact!
Add the seriousness of a traumatic injury!
How we tackle them is critical! 
Is a reduction in Mobility, Vision, Sensory, Hearing or Cognitive issues impacting you, your family or caregivers?

  • It is not unusual to feel traumatized or overwhelmed with a sudden change in lifestyle!  
  • If you did not have plans for modifications to accommodate a lifestyle change, now is the time to identify how to restore as much of your lifestyle as possible.
  • I am here to work through the challenges, study the issues, offer suggestions, work with you, family and caregivers
  • Often, some home remodeling is needed - I provide contacts with the appropriate professionals
  • Let's begin with a 240-point home safety assessment - click the link below to get started
  • I offer follow-up services on a periodic basis as needed